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Re: Favorite Star Trek film director?

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^Agreed. As I've said a LOT--many of the deleted scenes were frankly necessary for characterization, especially if they were gonna market it as "a generation's final journey". Picard's toast with Data...Beverly's send-off, Deanna's explanation why she couldn't read whether Shinzon was lying...Worf learning to overcome his prejudices when a Romulan doctor saves his life.

The problem wasn't Logan's script--and I think we can all agree now that it CERTAINLY wasn't Tom was Baird's directing choices, particularly to "tone down" the characterizations and cut down the story to its bare bones.
^ Indeed. It turned from a half/emotional story about there final journey, what it should have been, to an action movie that implied it wasn't the last movie, even though it most certainly was.....
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