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Re: Gilmore Girls - When did it go bad?

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I think the last episode I really enjoyed was the one where Rory finally slept with Dean (was that also when he was married? I can't remember).

I really loved the show for a long time, but when they brought in Logan for me the show lost all interest. I hated the person Rory was becoming, and they even brought Jesse back to try to talk some sense into her, but it didn't work, Jesse left after that and so did I.
Yeah he was married, that was the season 4 finale / season 5 starter.

That's what bugged me the most. She slept with a married Dean, didn't see anything wrong with that. If I remember correctly they only broke up once she screwed over Dean and Rory fell for Logan.

But Logan seems to be the problem. He was a dick, treated Rory like a dick. Jesse explains this, her mother explains it, she then drops out of Yale in season 6, and still gets back together with him anyways! It's just so insane.

Whatever happened to Naked Guy? He would have been perfect. Logan would have been fine to get Rory to grow up, but he was around for like two seasons. It was just way, way, way, way to long. I think he was even in the finale episode!
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