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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages


Despite a rough start Star Trek's first season had all the signs of being a winner. It certainly was far from being a dog. I'm interested to read in more detail why the show was on the verge of cancellation despite having an apparently mostly positive first season. That said I have some inkling as to real reasons NBC mightn't have been pleased.

Overall I think this was a good and worthwhile read even with some of its errors. As such I look forward to the next volume.

The things I liked most were learning new tidbits I hadn't known before and the dispelling (or at least clarification) of certain long accepted myths along with seeing the evolution of initial story ideas to final form. I'd like to have learned more about story ideas that were in development but ultimately didn't pan out.

I agree with Harvey and others that I'd also liked to have seen more regarding Kellum de Forest Research. Some of that could have been fascinating.

The pictures do break up the text some, but in of themselves they're like an afterthought and nothing special. The cover is just blah(!).

All things considered, yep, I'll spring for Volume 2.
STAR TREK: 1964-1991, 2013-?

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