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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Side by Side - Amazon Prime on my iPad - This is the Keanu Reeves documentary about Film vs Digital. It has a lot of the heavy hitters in the movie industry today taking sides in this war of attrition. While basic in concept and presentation, the interviews with the different people who stand on each side of the argument are very interesting and entertaining.

Les MisÚrables - HBO go on Apple TV - The newest version of Les Miserable, told by the director of The Kings Speech is a gripping retelling of the classic. With outstanding performances by Hugh Jackman and Anna Hathaway, some how Russell Crowe muddles his way through a wooden performance which was actually worse then his singing. After seeing this movie, I would only like to see musicals done like this in the future. Where they actually capture the singing on set. It allowed for such a layered, nuanced performance like you haven't seen in a movie musical in a very long, long time. I have to admit I was crying at the end, the movie did its job.
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