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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Was there any specific mention of the USS Constitution in TOS, aside from perhaps the Court Martial chart? My brain's way too tired after work to look it up at the moment. I do recall mention in the novelization of the Enterprise being the only ship of the original twelve to survive its 5-year mission intact, and that is why it became the basis for the movie era refit. This detail was also referenced by contemporary works like FASA and Mr. Scott's Guide, and going by FASA there were still other ships in service (those being Constitutions, because Starfleet built a lot of them) that were later refitted, but the proposed upgrades by Scotty at the time of TMP required more drastic changes than had been originally envisioned.

Mainly I'm curious to know whether FASA would have used the Constitution class name to refer to the Enterprise and others like it if there was no basis to use it on the level of official work. I'm sure, as with FJ's work, they would have willing changed it if they were told it was wrong.

FWIW, Robert, I do share some of your frustration with what I'd consider a level of inadequate research and just making stuff up on the part of the modern producers. I don't think it was more than just dealing with production stress, personally, but I wish the results were a lot more consistent than they are. I sometimes feel like there are a lot of gaps in the Treknology area that could have been avoided, and which have often been best filled in by fans.

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