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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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I was reading on a B5 forum a while ago about this issue and some were certain that the original film cans were either missing or had been "attacked" by rats, making a TNG-type restoration impossible. Where they got this information from I have no idea. If we are worried about the CGI in DS9 causing a headache for Blu Ray I have no idea how Warners would cope with recreating all the CGI shots for B5.
Blame the people owning the B5 film stock for not taking care of it more carefully like Paramount has done with Trek. Also the people that did all the original visual effects and had that information are now gone, along with everything they did. They would have to start from scratch with completely new effects.

The studio probably doesn't think it is worth the cost to do a completely new remastering for B5.
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