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Gilmore Girls - When did it go bad?

I bought the first four seasons of the show on DVD for really really cheap. I have been watching them and about to finish up season 4.

I used to watch the show and gave up by the end. Sure the creators after season 6, but it went to hell before then.

Obviously the first few seasons of Rory in high school were the best. It just worked.

Season 4 was a little weird. Rory had trouble growing up, and so did the show. Rory was a spoiled brat who was treated as a queen, but still what they did to her was still really lame and out of character.

To me the show went to hell either when Rory slept with a married Dean, no matter what she should have known better, or several episodes later when Logan showed up. He was the worst boyfriend possible for anyone on the show. Lead to her dropping Yale and what a mess.

In my mind Luke still doesn't have a daughter, that's when without a shadow of a doubt the show was in the toilet.

What does everyone else with of when the show went down, if at all?

(I don't want to hear "the pilot", keep moving people.)
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