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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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And begs the question how CBS is going to handle this issue for Blu-ray presentation (I think the ENT release on Blu-ray is a hint concerning future aspect ratio presentations of DS9 and VOY).
That doesn't follow. ENT was actually produced for widescreen from the get go. It has no bearing on the rest of the shows which were produced for 4:3.

As an aside, the way things were presented when we asked about TOS-R being produced in 16:9 (for future uses/other markets) but the Blu-rays (and US broadcasts) were kept 4:3, so we were told that the Blu-ray is for the ultimate collector/purist, so it was left the way it was produced.

So I would assume that notion is still in their minds for TNG-R, DS9-R, VOY-R. The Blu-ray releases will be in 4:3 since that's the proper aspect ratio. But then there may be TV syndication packages in the future that have 16:9 versions. Which makes sense, purists get their BD versions with awesome bonus content too, and interested TV networks can get a version they can easily "sell" to a modern HDTV owning audience.
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