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Re: Voth vs. the Borg

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Not really:
Doesn't DTI: WTC say the Borg are still gone as of the 31sr century?
As I remember, it only said the borg didn't assimilate everything by then due to 'endgame' which lead to 'destiny'*.

I don't doubt 'destiny' was meant to the the final end of the borg. Just as Data's and Janeway's death were meant to be final in trek lit.
But trek lit is a commercial product, and, like Data and Janeway, the borg are a well-known part of the star trek franchise.
As such, Data's and Janeway's death was not final, after all.
And the tentation to resurrect the borg in some form (let's say, even if they no longer have their massive resources and can no longer assimilate the galaxy) exists.

*Of course, as per 'future's end', there are timelines in which the galaxy is not assimilated without 'endgame' happening. See above.
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