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Re: Who created M'Ress?

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...The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty, about a live-action cat who had cartoon daydreams about being various adventure heroes, including Catman, Catzan, Robin Cat, the Lone Kitty... and Captain Hurk of the starship Secondprize. (I'm often surprised that Waldo Kitty isn't better-known within Trek fandom.)
One will notice that all those characters are parodies from properties Filmation adapted over the years.
With one exception: Filmation never did a Robin Hood series. And Filmation's Tarzan and Lone Ranger series both came after Waldo Kitty, though only a year after for Tarzan. So at the time the show was made, only Batman and Star Trek were properties they'd adapted "straight" beforehand.

One of the two Captain Hurk adventures had some noticeable elements of Flash Gordon in it even though that project was still a few years done the road. (Maybe Filmation had already secured the rights.)
Well, with parody you don't need the rights.
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