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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Greg Cox wrote: View Post
You know, I keep vowing not to get sucked into one of these time sinks again ('cause, deadlines!), but then somebody insists (again) that all "real" fans reject the reboot or suggests that anybody who doesn't is some shallow newbie who doesn't know what Trek is really all about. Or doesn't have the right fannish credentials. Or isn't a fan for the "right" reasons.

If somebody likes or doesn't like the reboot, fine. But don't presume you speak for "the fans," no matter what side of the timeline you fall on!

So let's lay off the "More Trekkie than thou" stuff, please.

Alos, let's not delude ourselves into believing that the Star Trek that you think is 'better' is going to come back. Even if the next movie fails artistically and commercially, the kind of Star Trek you want won't be brought back just to suit aging fans who won't be living long enough to see any future Star Trek movies or TV shows (most likely). It will be the younger generations who've grown up with the most current Star Trek that Paramount and CBS are going to cater to. Face it: the Star Trek that you knew is finished (except for fan shows).
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