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Re: Transporters too Good

This is one of the more likely scenarios, yes.

However, it sort of seems the one thing Khan did know was that the 72 long range torpedoes would be used against him. That's why he put his followers in the torpedoes, right?

Sure, he could have been short of options and hollowed out the torps solely because that was the only way to smuggle the followers out of S31 premises - but leaving it at that would make very little sense, because the torps would then be sent to end users and the followers would be scattered to galactic winds (rather literally and gruesomely). Khan must have known exactly where the torpedoes would end at. And that sort of necessitates him knowing all about the plan to send Kirk to start war with Klingons and then die of acute sabotagedstarshipengineitis.

So it seems Marcus and Khan agreed that the latter should go to Qo'noS and play target in order to get the war going. Khan obviously wouldn't agree to such a plan if it involved his own death, so perhaps Marcus lied to him about some sort of an escape route? Or perhaps Marcus actually provided him with an escape route (say, another transwarp transporter package), although why he should bother when it was in his interests that Khan die, we can't tell.

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