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Re: Does More Nacelles = More Speed?

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I agree with the observations that extra nacelles also increase the likelihood that something will go wrong, whether mechanical or hostile.
Funny, I do not. It's good to have spares in case you need them. Maybe that's the enigmatic purpose of the third nacelle.

Esentially I don't think the nacelles are related to speed but rather to payload and therefore power.

I assume that the prominent purpose of the Miranda Class in the 23rd Century had been to transport up to 4 cargo containers (basically Starfleet's "workhorse"). Freed from transport duty you'd have a formidable frigate kind of vessel (no engineering hull to drag along like the Enterprise) capable of continuing service into the 24th Century.

Constellation Class (e.g. Stargazer, Hathaway) may have been designed to take over transport duties from Miranda Class but already in the late 23rd Century required more power to do an adequate job (hence 4 nacelles).

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