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The most liked episode of DS9: Season 3

We're continuing to vote for our favorites. Here are the results so far:

Season 1: "Duet"
Season 2: "The Wire"

Now it's time to vote for your favorite episode from season 3. After we're done with each season, we'll vote for the favorite overall.

The poll will be open for a week to give as many people a chance to vote as possible. Comment on your favorite, but don't forget to vote!


This is getting tough, as it should. The series gets better and better for me as it goes. But if I have to choose one, I must go with "Second Skin." Seeing Kira as a Cardassian was one of the most shocking things to witness. And it was so memorable. Her acting in this episode was awesome. I felt her pain as the seeds of doubt grew within her (and within me as a viewer) as to her true race. I only wish they left the ending ambiguous as originally Kira really a Bajoran or Cardassian? Of course, she would choose Bajoran and live as Bajoran, but it would have been interesting to just leave the question of her real identity open. Of course, Garak is also in this episode and he has some great lines as usual! Anyway, I so love this episode. And it was wonderful on my rewatch as well, because my wife who was watching for the first time gasped out loud when she saw Kira as a Cardassian, which was great fun for me to witness! But like I said, this season is full of good ones, and I'm excited to see what you all choose as your favorites.
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