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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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What plan do you think Jesse came up with?

I believe he's going to tell Walt jr. about his dad because that would rock Heisenberg to the core.. with everything he did he always made sure that his family is safe and didn't know (Skylar just broke through the ruse).

Taking away Jr. in a kind of way could be devastating to Walter without having to fire any shots because his family is the only thing left he cares about.
Yes, I've been puzzling over this one too. But, does Jesse know that Skylar is complicit in the meth business? I don't think he is aware that she is, so that would make Skylar a more logical choice for Jesse to use to get to Walt than Walt Jr. Now, if Jesse knows that Skylar is involved, he might choose to make Jr. aware. But I just don't see this going in that direction. Also, Jesse told Hank about this plan so it has to involve getting the goods on Walt, not just alienating him from his family.

As for Walt's call to Todd; I think signs are that he is going to go after Jesse.

Jesse has emerged most recently as Walt's biggest problem. Walt thinks he has, for the time being, "neutralized" Hank with the confession. We are shown Jesse attempting to burn down Walt's house, then reneging on an agreement to meet Walt so that (in Walt's mind) can manipulate Jesse once again, and finally, Jesse refusing to be manipulated and making a credible threat against Hank. Then we see Walt make the call. It does not seem logical that this call has anything to do with Hank. If Walt knew about Jesse's involvement with Hank, it might be different -- might. But he doesn't.
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That's what I meant to say. She's not fully on-board, but she's dealing with it as best as she can. I think the most telling part was the line "We've come this far... what's one more?" or something along those lines. Skyler has reached a pretty dark place, as has pretty much every other character in this show (besides maybe Walt Jr).
I thought Anna Gunn summed it up the best on a recent podcast-- that at this point Skyler realizes she's already damned, so it doesn't much matter what they do anymore.
That sounds fully on-board to me. Skylar and Walt finally have the exact same interest in this thing; to not get caught.

As for the comment about "Stockholm Syndrome". With respect to Skylar, I don't think it applies at all. I read that article and disagreed with the writer's overall premise -- that characters like Sky and Jesse were psychologically "imprisoned" by Walt and like POW's and hostages sometimes, have taken their captor's positions as their own.

Sky started "breaking bad" some time ago and at this point is completely bad. She succumbed to greed -- like many of us would have in the same situation. I don't think Skylar is as bad as Walt, but she ain't no saint either.
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