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Re: Resigning from Starfleet

Lets let common sense prevail as to whether a child would be allowed into a military academy.
Umm... Wesley Crusher?

And youngsters were regularly allowed into military academies in the past. That was sort of the point: train them while they are young, since they have no use for advanced age in their chosen profession.

Absolutely not, NOTHING suggests that Saavik is not a cadet and the incidental evidence implies that she is!
Dialogue and visuals directly establish that Saavik is a Lieutenant. In the real world, that means she cannot be a Cadet. If one wants to evoke a fantasyland rule that Lieutenants can be Cadets, one may - but that's going against obvious evidence and requires some sort of proof.

Really, saying that Saavik is a Cadet is like saying that she's actually male. That's perfectly possible, but extremely unlikely. And her being called "Mister" doesn't really cut it as proof for that latter claim...

No, its clear from what Mitchell said he was not familiar with Kirk before he met him as a Lt at the academy ( otherwise he would certainly of mentioned it).
I don't see any reason why he would have mentioned it. The fifteen-years-as-friends thing was already established. Also, nobody ever said anything requiring correcting, such as "Mitchell met Kirk as a Lt at the Academy" - all that was said was that some people warned Mitchell of Lieutenant Kirk.

Yep Lt Uhura is clearly a cadet. no question about it. so she was a cadet and a lt. thats fairly explicit. no need for anyone to be given a rank or such if they already had it.
That hinges on the "already". And the "already" only comes after the cadets are sent to defend the Federation aboard a fleet of starships. Uhura is never a Lieutenant until the moment of being assigned to the Farragut.

STXI is ambiguous on who is a cadet and who is a graduate and a commissioned officer. None of the rest of Trek is. And the real-world background on this is that cadets are not commissioned officers or vice versa; going against that requires a lot of explaining, usually more than is required to fudge the issue in favor of the real-world model.

No she left as a lt Commander
Totally false - go rewatch the first season of TNG.

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