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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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It would be different though if DS9 had been produced in 16:9 but then never aired that way. Who knows. Personally I find it very odd that Voyager especially was still being produced in 4:3 in 2001 when the industry as a whole seemed to have moved on to 16:9 around 1998.
Eventually DS9 and VOY continued shooting in 4:3 but were "protected" for 16:9 image extraction. That is, that the directors shot in 4:3 but in a fashion to allow a later 16:9 image extraction while keeping a palatable picture composition.
To create a 16:9 image from these 4:3 camera negatives will result in cropping the top and bottom image information but in the 16:9 frame you'll have the image information the director wanted you to have. It's very similar to what Super35 is about.

And begs the question how CBS is going to handle this issue for Blu-ray presentation (I think the ENT release on Blu-ray is a hint concerning future aspect ratio presentations of DS9 and VOY).

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Converting shows to 16:9 'on the cheap' can have awful consequences. The Babylon 5 DVDs are proof of that; the CGI space scenes are passable but whenever there is CGI in a live action shot it is very telling when the top halves of everyone's heads are missing. If a show is to be upgraded it has to be done perfectly or else it just ends up distracting.
The unfortunate problem here is that the series was shot in widescreen 16:9 but all the CGI compositing was done exclusively in 4:3 including the CGI space scenes. Unfortunately there was a severe screw up in letterboxing the 4:3 material and therefore all native 4:3 material looks like crap in the DVD release (my 4:3 B5 LaserDiscs look like HD in comparison!). I hope the success of TNG-R will motivate Warner to give B5 a similar treatment.

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