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Re: What are you reading?

Onto the 4th VOY relaunch novel. "Spirit Walk: Enemy of My Enemy".

So far I am enjoying the relaunch novels (at least, finally reading them in-sequence instead of skipping to the end like I did before ), but some aspects of them are becoming a bit too predictable. At least in "Homecoming", you don't know exactly who the "bad guy (erm, girl)" is until the end (even though the two "Homecoming" books just made Starfleet look absolutely incompetent). With the "Spirit Walk" books, you know very quickly. But, I like that it goes more in-depth into the new cast of characters that we didn't get to see on the show like Dr. Kaz and some others. For a Chakotay-centered couple of reads, they aren't too bad IMO. To be honest, when I read the titles, I was expecting worse. Pleasantly surprised that they aren't too bad.

I'm a little bit surprised that all of the main characters (besides Neelix, obviously) has a new character arc in the relaunch novels except for Tuvok. He's almost never there and we NEVER get to hear what he is thinking. He doesn't seem involved in much of anything to do with the main story. It just surprised me considering he is one of the main characters on the actual show. I've read the last 2 books in the series before all of the others and don't recall him having a large role in those novels either. I guess I'll wait and see. Still have a few more to read.
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