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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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Also, was anybody else thinking that Walt would have been waiting for Jesse with one of those "radio signal trackers" that Saul mentioned in the previous episode, and would have immediately detected the wire that Jesse was wearing?

I'm kinda bummed the episode didn't go there, as it would have proved Jesse's point perfectly of just how much smarter Walt is than the rest of them.
He's smart but he's arrogant. I doubt he would suspect Jessie of actually betraying him to the police. He's convinced Jessie is a danger only because he could go off on a drug binge and lash out at Walter. He still thinks if he explains things to Jessie in just the right way Jessie will be fine

His lying is explained by his arrogance as well. He want's Skylar to believe the danger is all in the past. Coming home to a gasoline soaked carpet will only convince her otherwise so he came up with a lie that not even Walter Jr. believes. I think he expects his lies to be believed still though. And I think that is evidence of how arrogant he is, and of the fact that he has been hiding who he really is his whole life. People don't suddenly become capable of watching people die and then dissolving their bodies in acid. Walter was always a sociopath. He's been lying his whole life. What changed is people are now aware he's a sociopath.
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