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The novelverse and the Star Trek Online game's "Path to 2409" are separate and incompatible coninuties. STO borrows several novelverse characters and concepts, but they are not meant to be the same.
Thats why the relaunch series and the STO follows the same outline, right?
They very much don't. STO borrows some characters and events from the novels, but that's all. Their storylines are wildly divergent. The STO novel The Needs of the Many hints that they're alternate realities in the same multiverse, but that's more of an easter egg and doesn't hold up to scrutiny.
Sadly, you're actually mixing apples and oranges up with only knowing half the story (the behind the scenes story that is).

Both series were launched with a uniform approach with the attempt to heavily pull from one another.

When STO sales declined and they were forced to go Free to play, STO pulled a "We need to do our own thing to help generate sales" --- after a fashion, by that point, the uniform universe approach actually wasn't working out because of lack of communication and lack of speed in decision making, so STO kind of rightfully did what they had to do after a fashion.

I knew at one point where the breaking point was (I followed the story line in STO, but never actually got in the game) and there was a fine point when the staffing changes occured that the shift in story continuity push changed. It was about the time Bill Roper left as VP and went to Disney, but I don't know what season of STO that physically was.
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