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Re: Who created M'Ress?

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If anyone remembers the cartoon version of "I Dream of Jeannie"... total identity shift. Jeannie is given red hair and does magic by whipping her ponytail instead of by blinking, and instead of Tony Nelson her master is a motorbike-riding teenager (played by Mark Hamill).
Ugh. Similar to Filmation's My Favorite Martians spin-off, where Tim O'Hara bore no resemblance to Bill Bixby, while Uncle Martin was redesigned to look like the man who voiced him--Dr. Zachary Smith himself, Jonathan Harris.

Oh yeah, and Joe Besser plays an annoying magical sidekick.
Ahh yes...Babu, with the most annoying catchphrase of all time, "yapple dapple."

Not an ounce of the Screen Gems series in that hackwork.
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