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Re: Who created M'Ress?

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I thought that the reason M'Ress was drawn wrong is that Power Records didn't have photo reference for the character and just had to make something up.
How difficult would it be to get some publicity art of TAS into Adams' hands? Heck, even Gold Key managed to ship publicity stills of TOS to Italy-based artist Alberto Giolitti for the occasionally familair illustrations of character and ships for their Star Trek comic. ...and that was in the 60s.

Moreover, Power Records lifted AMT's model box photo of their Enterprise kit, turned it into line art, it and slapped it on the cover of a few of their TOS Book & Records and LP releases, yet they could not call Filmation and/or Paramount?

Even Power Records' Planet of the Apes Book & Records sets captured (arguably) more difficult styles of the Apes and costumes, even when actor likeness was not approved.
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