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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 79; that cringe-worthy awkward moment...

O'Brien: You want me to build this?
Sisko: My Counselor suggested I find a way to vent my frustrations. So a boxing ring is in order. We don't need that cargo bay.

Mirror Kira: I want you.
Kira: You're creepy!
Mirror Kira: I know! That makes me want you more!

Weyoun: We're all one happy family with the Dominion.
Damar: I want to shove you out of an airlock.
Weyoun: What? Dukat!
Dukat: I find him useful.
Weyoun: So you want to shove me out of an airlock too?
Dukat: Er... of course not.
Damar: He wants me to do it.

Dax: So what do you think?
Bashir: I've never seen anything like it... what is it?
Dax: A Klingon dildo. Worf gave it to me as a gift.
Bashir: Oh.... how like him.

Kira: It's never been done before. You want to knock over a casino? Three casinos?
Nog: You gotta be nuts.
Kira: Exactly!
Sisko: This place hosts a security system that rivals most genesis missile silos.
Bashir: Smash and grab job huh?
Kira: Slightly more complicated than that.
Bashir: Well, yeah...
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