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Re: Barely-legible graphics canon?

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Remember Dr. Carol Marcus from ST II, the ethical "I will not let harm come to a microbe?".
In order to have a more dramatic and life-threatening setting the producers of ST III decided to have her have used "protomatter" for the Genesis Device. Oh wait, they shifted the blame to her son David, but as the supervisor of the Genesis Project, this made the Carol Marcus character look incompetent and stupid.
Off on a tangent, but...

I never interpreted that line from Carol ("there can't be so much as a microbe or the show's off") to indicate that she had an ethical objection to killing a microbe. I always took it to mean that for the Genesis experiment to mean something, the planet had to be absolutely, completely lifeless. If there were any form of life there, even as insignificant as a microbe, it could cast doubts on the ability of Genesis to truly produce "something from nothing."

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