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Re: Paradise, what should have happened to Alixus?

Her reasoning is still flawed, if as you say it was about how this thing would "iimprove" a person. Doesn't that presuppose a belief something is wrong with that person in the first place. Wouldn't it be better if we accepted people for who they are and respect their beliefs even if we disagree with them.

I have no issue with that Alexus wanting to live a tech free life. My issues are she is guilty of

Multiple counts of kindnapping

Multiple counts of false improsment (the duonnetic field was artifical)

Multiple counts of murder (her actions in stradning the colonist via the orignal kidnapping and subsequent false improsment led to deaths)

Multiple counts of torture (that box she put people was barbaric)

Assulting Federation Officers

Attempt Murder of Federation Officers

Have I missed anything she is guilty of?

Sabotage of Federation/Starfleet vessels

Hijacking of the colony ship (she may not physically have hijacked it but she made sure it went to a specific planet no doubt by the aforementioned sabotage)
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