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Re: TNG Caption This! 325: To Glory

Data: I calculate your odds of winning this game at 0.000042 percent, Wesley.
Wesley: Why those odds?
Data: That is the chance of my systems spontaneously failing at any given time.

Riker: That's not what I meant when I said get Data...
Worf: Then say what you mean next time or ask Troi, she's the one that can read minds!

Riker: Ugh! Now I know why Picard sent "me" to entertain the Selay delegation!

Wesley(thinking): If I stand still, maybe he won't see me.
Picard(thinking): If I keep walking really fast, maybe he won't bug me.

Crusher: I revived them.
Picard: What?!
Crusher: Should I have let them die?
Picard: Most certainly. A druggie, a capitalist and a housewife? The scum of humanity!
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