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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I continue to be in awe how effortlessly Walter tells ridiculous lies like they're everyday facts. And people believe him
No one believes his lies, not even Junior. Even when they look like they fall for it, they still got a look on like "This is BS". Skylar at the carwash when Walt got his gun. You could tell she decided to just take him at his word, but her expression said "What's this all about then?"

Walt fabricates the poorest lies I've ever heard. He knows people won't truly believe them, & he knows they'll know that about him. "He's telling lies he'll know I won't believe". He does it anyway, because by doing so, he looks sad, desperate, & weak, like a victim with no alternative but to conjure sad bullshit. It's his whole gambit, playing the schnuck. Walt is Keyser Soze. He'll stare you right in the face & you'll think how could anyone be so pitiful?

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The only thing I didn't like about this episode was not seeing Gomez's reacation about finding out the truth about Walter. I've been waiting for that moment all season.
We saw his reaction. "This stinks" "We got nothing but a drugged up loser, & a DEA agent with a vendetta" His expression said it all
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