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Re: Assignment: Earth - Is it Really a Star Trek Episode?

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Officially, it's obviously just as "canonical" as any other episode. And Lord knows some of us have gotten plenty of mileage out of it . . . .
Exactly. I loved that episode, though I admit I loved most of TOS.

(Heck, Roberta popped up in a new Trek novel just a few months ago.)
True. I loved the older novel Assignment: Eternity which had Kirk and crew again meeting up with Seven and Roberta and that lovely Isis.
Thanks! I'd been plotting to bring Seven and Roberta and Isis back for years at that point!
Thanks and kudos to you for a fantastic story. Assignment: Eternity is my absolute favorite TOS novel.

And, for the record, the new novel I was referring to is In History's Shadow by Dayton Ward.
I'm currently catching up on the Titan series, 2 more books to go, then I'll check it out.
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