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Re: Attention Vinyl-gang!

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On a couple of occasions some of the vinyl-fans around here have gathered in a thread in Misc. -and had a night of debauchery.

Obviously playing records is an indoor activity as vinyl tends to melt in direct sunlight. (don't do this at home; I've tried and ended up with a record that was so warped it was better suited for a ladies hat than for playing )

So, if a global community (i.e. T-BBS'ers that are vinyl fans) is to gather around listening to vinyl records, it has to be during spring or fall (respectively).

Anyone up for a "Vinyl Night" one of these days? -I suggest we meet up next Friday (unless there is a consensus on some other day) and talk about our music, have a few drinks, and play some vinyl.

You up for it?
Sure, but please don't wish the summer away, "Fall" as you insist upon calling it is not for another 3 weeks yet.
So it goes.
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