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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

73. Apocalypto: A
74. Stargate: Ark of Truth: A-
75. Stargate: Continuum: A
76. Mortal Instruments: City of Bones: B-
77. Pi: C-

I finally got around to this Aronofsky(sp) film about a guy who does math based computer software in the late 90s. I'm assuming it's relevant to it's release as Max had an old school 8" floppy we seem him crumple up in frustration.
Max is the focus of our story and we are told once per act that "his mom told him not to look directly into the sun, but he did it once anyway". This moment changed him somehow, for sure he gets intense headaches now but that did also make him "Mr.Math". He's being aggressively pursue by a "company" that wants him to "work" for them. The goal is to manipulate the stock market which Max has had some success in predicting based on his calculations. He suspects that due to patterns within numbers the Market is also likely "alive" and thus predictable. People seek to profit from this predictability. He also has an "accidental" run in with some religious Jews seeking to find a Messianic Equation buried within the Torah. Meanwhile his headaches keep getting worse, we find out both groups of people are willing to be aggressive to get the info out of him, what could be called is only friend dies. Max is unstable to say the least and even the one woman neighbor who seems to have some type of interest in Max is pushed away by him. The neighbor girl up a flight is always quizzing him and testing him with her calculator. All the insanity leads Max to shave his head and seemingly perform his own trepanning with a power drill in the bathroom. We next see him and the neighbor girl in a park, Max can no longer calculate, his ability gone, he looks up into the sun.

While it's not a bad movie, it's not one I found gripping and engaging. The b&w style of the film gives it a type of Noir feel I suppose. The editing was choppy at times and the jerky camera moments didn't do anything for me. At times they were used for purpose, like during his headaches and seizures, other times it felt just because.
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