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The book you're waiting for...

Over the years we've gotten some fine books about Star Trek. The very first was the fascinating The Making Of Star Trek published in 1968 during the summer hiatus between TOS' 2nd and 3rd seasons. For years this work stood as almost the definitive work about the making of the original series.

Flash forward several years later and we finally got other respectable works.

The Star Trek Concordance - an encyclopedia to the original series and its universe.
The Star Trek Compendium - a reference guide to the original episodes and subsequent feature films spun off TOS.
Inside Star Trek - a more factual and candid look at TOS in development and production.
The Star Trek Sketchbook - a look at the art and creativity of the original series.

There have also been bios from or about every original cast member as well as the creator, Gene Roddenberry, although I don't know if any of those might be considered required reading.

And now we have the first Volume of These Are The Voyages - a look at the development and production of each original episode based on interviews and archival references.

It would seem Star Trek has been pretty exhaustively covered and with very little left to say.

But maybe not...

Can anyone think of some aspect of Star Trek that has't been covered? Is there some element, angle or subject you think could be deserving of a book?
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