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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi. My name is Jay.. I'm new to this site, but certainly not new to Trek. TNG is my favorite, but I also love Voyager, Deep Space 9 and Enterprise. I don't really care for TOS- however I love the Orignal Crew in the movies.

My favorite aspect of TNG was Picard's command style, and the character of Data (in general). My favorite episodes are ones that don't have a ton of explosions or fighting... I love episodes like "Inner Light" and "Data's Day". Really, any episode that explores the dynamics of emotions, behavior, and life in general.

I think I'm attracted towards this type of episode because I'm a psychologist, and I work in a Maximum Security Prison. I am completely fascinated by the "Human Response" and why we do the things we do.

I also like TNG (and Trek in general) because of it's progressive attitudes towards offenders and inmates. Since I work with murderers, rapists, thieves, child molesters and many other types of offenders all day long. TNG gives me hope that one day we will concentrate more on rehabilitation of offenders rather than the "lock em' up and throw away the key" policy we seem to have now.

Thanks! It's nice to be here.
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