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Re: Assignment: Earth - Is it Really a Star Trek Episode?

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I found it interesting that Gary quickly surmised that Kirk and Spock were from the future...seems like the aliens behind him might have some knowledge of it.
It was a pretty easy deduction to make. He knew that 1968 humans hadn't met Vulcans or any other aliens, and didn't have transporter rooms either. And he was standing in a transporter room with humans and a Vulcan wearing the same uniform as each other. What other conclusion was there?

Although the later comics and novels established that Gary's organization, which they call the Aegis, does indeed travel in time and works to preserve history from those who would disrupt it (bringing back an element of the original pilot premise).

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I wonder why Doohan was being held for the scenes being shot in Gary's office. Scotty was never there.
He did a lot of voice work for the show...maybe something in that vein that wasn't used?
Voiceovers are recorded in post-production, or at least separately in a recording studio, not live on set. So no, that couldn't be it.

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-Gary Seven's futuristic Swiss-Army pen
When did Doctor Who introduce the sonic screwdriver?
In an episode that aired 13 days before "Assignment: Earth" was aired, though of course months after it was written. And the concept of Gary's servo was introduced in the original 1966 pilot concept, predating the sonic screwdriver by well over a year. Not to mention that Doctor Who wasn't seen in America until the '70s so Roddenberry could not possibly have known of the existence of the sonic screwdriver at the time anyway. And by the same token, the makers of Doctor Who in 1968 couldn't have known about "Assignment: Earth," since ST didn't begin airing in the UK until 1969. It's pure coincidence that they came up with similar gadgets around the same time -- although most of the sonic screwdriver functions that make modern fans see it as similar to Gary's servo were added years after its introduction. In 1968, it was literally just a screwdriver. It made screws turn without touching them -- that's all it did. Gary's servo was more of a spy device, a combination communicator/phaser/multipurpose tool disguised as a ballpoint pen. Nobody in 1968 would've seen the servo and the sonic screwdriver as having much in common.

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The opening with them watching Bonanza (and promoting another NBC show) survived into the revised draft script, though it was less blatant in that version. I wonder if it was filmed and then cut, because the aired episode does open rather abruptly. Indeed, sometimes I wonder if it was originally aired with that scene but then had to leave it out of later releases for licensing reasons. Although I think we'd have heard about it if that were the case.
I saw the episode when it was originally broadcast in March of 1968, and there was definitely no clip from Bonanza in it. That's something I would have remembered.
Okay, thanks. Still, the teaser cuts pretty abruptly from the log entry to the "shudder," so I'm going to stick to my suspicion that the scene was filmed but cut out before broadcast.
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