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I agree, it seemed to be good when I first read it but it's really not. The Keiji character is pretty bad, why does he become a villain, because some chick tells him it's his destiny? And in the end he's like "Whoops, sorry for trying to murder you, I'm nice again!"? That's just awful.
That's hardly fair. This was an abbreviated summary of the outline. We don't know all the details of what the characters' motivations would've been, because there wasn't room to go into that much depth in a blog post.

The reason for replacing the red ranger is dumb, he has risked his life for months and fought for good after being trained for it his entire life ... but he's descended from the enemy and that's more important than his personality, actions and dedication to our cause, he's fired!
How is that any worse than the aired version of Samurai, or Shinkenger itself? The core idea of both of those is that these people are Rangers because it's their family heritage, and even more, that the other Rangers are sworn to be subservient to the Red Ranger because that's the family tradition -- which to Western eyes is perhaps the most obnoxious thing about the concept, this idea that it's legitimate to have a hereditary hierarchy of rulers and servants. Bhaumik's outline incorporated that same idea from Shinkenger, that the characters' life paths were shaped by their family traditions, but it questioned and challenged the idea. The Red Ranger and Keiji were both told they had to submit to their family destiny, but in the end both of them rejected that idea in favor of individual choice. So it's questioning and challenging a philosophy that the aired version of Samurai pretty much embraced uncritically.

So after the villains were deafeated 200 years ago the families spread out over the world (very unlikely if you know a little bit about Japan in that period)
No more unlikely than the aired version. That didn't even bother to establish Japanese ancestry for any of the characters. It just asked us to accept the idea of multiracial, American samurai families without making any attempt to address how such a thing could exist. At least this version tried to justify it.

but no one stayed in Japan or even Asia? Two go to europe, one to Africa and THREE to Mexico? How does that make sense? Even if you argue that the PR version of California was already part of the US in the early 19th century, that's still awfully close geographically. Half of the families move to the same corner of the world why exactly?
Again, the aired version is worse, since they were all already living in the same city.

It's a given that a lot about any Power Rangers series is going to be silly and implausible. I mean, it's Power Rangers. But it's a matter of proportion. The aired version of Samurai was even stupider and more inept than this sounds like it would've been.

I don't understand why these kids have to be the first Samurai Rangers, why couldn't their ancestors have ranger powers? Even in this proposed version they use magic, so what's the big deal, the powers could have worked in the 19th century just as well (we even have a precedent for that, remember Wild West Rangers?).
Yes, and there are also precedents for the Ranger powers being an improvement on an earlier power. For instance, in Jungle Fury, the animal spirit power the Rangers drew on was ancient, but R.J. used tech from Andrew Hartford (of the previous year's Operation Overdrive) to tap into the Universal Morphing Grid and thereby allow the spirit power to manifest in Power Ranger form.

It's not that there's anything wrong with the idea of earlier generations having been Rangers; it's just that there are multiple ways the idea can be taken, and there's no reason it has to be done the same way every year. On the contrary, having a variety of approaches is good when the franchise has run for this long.

The proposal isn't even that different from what we got, it's basically Shinkenger with a new hat and scarf. Everyone can take an existing sentai and say "My show is almost exactly like that, except for this and that", fans do it all the time. Except in this case most changes aren't very good or logical.
Some of the suggestions seem arbitrary, but of course this was a first-draft proposal, so the details would've been revised and tweaked if it had gone into production. A lot might have changed even if they had gone with Bhaumik's proposal. But there are a number of ideas here that, if they'd gone forward, would've been considerable improvements on the slavishly imitative, ineptly executed version of Samurai we got.
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