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Re: The Beta Quadrant

Oh, no - Geoffrey Mandel is the author. It's just that he discussed the book with a number of fans before proceeding, and the Alpha and Beta quadrant stuff is basically the research of Christian Rühl (see worked over by yours truly to best match what we knew of the Trek universe just before ENT premiered. So I get the generous "technical advisor" credit along with Bormanis, Okuda and Sternbach, while Christian gets actual "contributor" credit as due.

Basically, my contribution is limited to pp. 46-47, 62-67 and the fold-outs at the end - it's my clumsy artwork redone with smooth printing effects, plus a couple of added details. And by visiting Christian's website, you can see it's not particularly original art anyway. It's just something where Mandel and I happened to agree a lot.

Timo Saloniemi
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