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Re: Where's the M/AM reaction in TOS Enterprise?

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"Elaan of Troyius" puts the main dilithium crystal in the middle of the engine room. If the nacelles were self contained, that would make no sense. Ditto the antimatter pod Scotty was messing around with in (I think?) "Lights of Zetar", and the times Scotty glances at the glow behind the mesh in engineering to guage ships' power

It may have been the original intent that the nacelles themselves be the power source, but even if so, that's not how it ended up on-screen.
As part of the power distribution system, all that means is that the failed crystals in main engineering compromise major systems. It doesn't mean that the m/arcs for the warp drive system are not contained in the nacelles.

As for Scotty glancing behind the mesh... Well, he's not going to run up to a nacelle if main engineering is integrated into the whole power systems... That's why it's called engineering.

There are also references in TOS episodes the provides as much if not more instances where the nacelles contain the main power generation, or at the very least significant power generation. So that intent of having the nacelles containing power generation is indeed how it ended up on-screen.

The Doomsday Machine

SPOCK: I would say none, Captain. The energy generated by our power nacelles seems to attracts it. I doubt we could manoeuvre close enough without drawing a direct attack upon ourselves.

WASHBURN: We made a complete check on structural and control damage, sir. As far as we can tell, something crashed through the deflectors and knocked out the generators. Somehow the antimatter in the warp drive pods has been deactivated.
KIRK: Deactivated? Scotty, could some kind of general energy dampening field do that, and would the same type of thing account for the heavy subspace interference?

Bread And Circuses

SPOCK: No doubt about it, Captain. The space debris comes from the survey vessel SS Beagle.
KIRK: Missing for six years, and now this junk in space.
SPOCK: Portions of the antimatter nacelles, personal belongings. Captain, no signs of bodies whatsoever.

By Any Other Name

SCOTT: I have opened the control valves to the matter-anti-matter nacelles. On your signal, I will flood them with positive energy.
KIRK: What?
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