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I guess I'm not really seeing how NES/Super NES or Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance are magically any more informative than DS/3DS or Wii/Wii U. They're all throwing prefixes/suffixes on to delineate the difference. Is it just because the prefixes/suffixes are shorter now?
It has to do with the prefixes/suffices meaning something on those other systems. Super and Advance both imply an upgraded, superior version of the original system. What does a U imply?
But that's silly I mean you can't say 2 and 3 or 360 and One denote upgrades, because there was Master System 2 and 3 and Mega Drive 2 and 3 and they were basically the "slim" of their generations. And 360, as far as I know, would denote full circle and One would mean "We have no clue how naming schemes work".
Well, with the XBOX, that's the device that has had a long-anticipated arrival. Nintendo seems to have all sorts of different consoles and handhelds available right now, and maybe it's just me, but they don't seem to enter the market with as much excitement or anticipation as some other systems.

People know that XBOX One is the next generation of XBOX because, well, there hasn't been a new XBOX in nearly 8 years!

I'm not saying Nintendo's naming system is incomprehensible, but to someone who doesn't follow it that closely, it would be a little confusing if I wanted to invest in a Nintendo system.
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