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Re: Doctor Who Loses at the Hugo

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Agreed that Blackwater deserved the win. Now, I'm not too knowledgeable about the Hugos, but does DW always split the vote between its own episodes every year?
If I remember correctly, the Hugos use Instant Run-off Voting. If nothing gets past 50%, then the lowest vote getter is dropped and second-preference votes are counted. This continues until something crosses the 50% threshold. This minimizes the problems due to vote splitting.
Right. That's how Doctor Who has been able to win most years despite having multiple episodes nominated. (And ironically, the one previous year it didn't win was the only year in which two stories from the franchise rather than three were up for the award.)

The full award statistics are up. They show that, unsurprisingly enough, Doctor Who took second, third, and fourth place in the category ("Angels," then "Asylum," then "Snowmen"), with the Fringe episode in fifth.
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