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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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I like Vanishing Point :P

Also Shockwave Pt.2, Minefield, Dead Stop, The Catwalk, Future Tense, Regeneration, First Flight, Bounty and The Expanse. So I agree that season 2 is underrated...
Ok, after I've seen the complete season again I have to change that list a little. Vanishing Point was not as good as I remembered it but I still like the episode. Maybe because there were only a few Hoshi centric episodes...

Good or great episodes of season 2:
Shockwave Pt.2, Caron Creek, Minefield, Dead Stop, Vanishing Point, The Catwalk, Stigma, Cease fire, Future Tense, Judgement, Cogenitor, Regeneration, First Flight and The Expanse.

I think the low point is disc 2 which has only mediocre or bad episodes.
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