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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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I don't see how that makes sense. If the show was filmed in standard 35mm Academy full frame (1.37:1), there wouldn't be anything to see beyond the 4:3 image (except perhaps for a tiny bit around the edges outside the "TV safe" area). Am I missing something here?
What you can see you on screen is only the 4:3 extraction of a larger 4:3 camera negative area. The essential proposal was to keep the image height of the original 4:3 presentation and reveal the extra negative areas left and right ("title safe area" +) to yield a wider picture.

This would work where it counts (i.e. close-up shots where no studio equipment is cluttering these "undiscovered" areas left and right) but in total shots (e.g. bridge) you'd have to trim the top and bottom of the original 4:3 image (which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing, IMHO).

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