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Re: Picture the Novelverse - Characters, Ships and More !

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
We see Vale on the Titan bridge in that IDW Borg comic that Braga wrote, whatever it's called. She's not mentioned bu name, but I seem to recall the artist saying (or maybe just us assuming?) that it was meant to be her.
Yes, the blond woman below right is intended to be Vale. The SCE writers had suggested that Vale resembles novelist Heather Jarman.

USS Titan bridge by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Defcon wrote: View Post
Figured especially Therin might be interested in the first cover draft for Cross Cult's version of Titan: Fallen Gods.
Mmmm, it's cool. I hadn't been in this thread, but nickyboy sent me the FB link yesterday! That female would be Pava's first [novel] cover appearance, although, of course, we've seen her in the "Starfleet Academy" comics:

Pava by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

Markonian wrote: View Post
In their Timeline section of 2012, there are also depictions of Janos and M'ress in the current uniform style.
Of course, we saw Arex and M'Ress in their new uniforms and positions in IDW's "New Frontier" mini-series comic.

Mress and Arex in New Frontier comic by Therin of Andor, on Flickr

And a cameo by Janos in WildStorm's "New Frontier oneshot:

Janos by Therin of Andor, on Flickr
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