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Re: V'Ger origins: Borg or not?

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And you think exactly the same as your cousin? If they're related, say by a common connection to the machine planet, where the machine planet upgraded both of them at different times, then they'd be recognizable to each other as distant kin, yet be totally different ideologically. Yours was a false argument.
Different ideas do not equate to no relationship. Doesn't make them related, it just doesn't have anything to do with whether they are or are not.
The question being posed was whether the Borg created V'Ger, not if they both had a connection to a separate machine world, which was the question I was answering.

As for the same world having a connection to both, it seems highly doubtful. Why would the machine planet adapt the two of them with very different technology and operations? Neither V'Ger nor the Borg evolved, V'Ger needed to meld with Decker in order to do that but before that point it was operating on the same principles it'd launched from Earth with. Meanwhile, the Borg don't evolve, they assimilate, adding unique knowledge and technology to themselves through force, which seems to be their MO for as far back as canon sources go.

There is no common ground between them, nothing we've seen has shown any possible connection. It sound like trying to apply 'intelligent design' to something that has none.

As for my "false argument", it is merely another way of looking at the matter--which is the purpose of discussion boards--based on my own thoughts on the subject.
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