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Re: 12th Doctor Costume?

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That's precisely the sort of thing I meant actually! There's another dad at my kids' school, much the same age as myself, maybe older (I'm 41) and he wears stuff like that. First day I saw him, he had pants hanging down his ass. I have wanted to beat him to death with my bare hands ever since.
It's odd, because on the one hand I think he'll be very smart and elegant (face it to some degree or another 9,10 and 11 have been every so slightly scruffy) but on the other hand I keep getting a slightly punk image in my head around Capaldi. Not talking safety pins or anything, I can just see a fairly traditional Victorian/Edwardian Doctor look that's offset by something very in your face.
I can't agree that Tennant's look as scruffy at all, his suits and coats were always clean, unlike say the second Doctor who had no problems getting muddy and even wearing out the knees on his pants at times. Eccleston had a workering class look and Smith's look was more of a middle class look. But I agree and I've said as much Capaldi would return to the Edwardian look.
Being honest I think a lot of it with Tennant comes down to the hair, but although he wears a suit I recall it looking quite crumpled from time to time (hardly surprising given the jacket was made from the material of the trousers so it is slightly more lightweight than a regular suit would be. Throw in the converse trainers, the fact his tie was rarely straight, and the fact he was a bit stubbly at times and I still stand by scruffy. As for Smith, with him again itís the hair sometimes, but also his lower half, however smart his upper half is, in the first two and a half series he was wearing very scruffy trousers and boots.

I think all three modern Doctors have had great looks and looks that worked for them, but smart isnít a word Iíd associate with them (and yes you could argue that over time the Doctor has maybe been scruffier more often than suave)
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