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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Star Trek has been rehashing plots since season one of TOS. TMP was a rehash of "The Changeling". TWOK brought back a villain from TOS. TVH was a time travel story reminiscent of at least three TOS episodes. TNG and show that followed mixed and matched TOS characters. The Next Generation films desperately tried to duplicate the success of TWOK and TVH.

There was a kot of story in both of Abrams films. If someone can't see the story through the "explosions" I think the problem might lie with them.
I think you miss the point completely, it may have used similar plots in the past for episodes but we were still learning about the characters, a back story etc.

I can assure you there is no problem with me, I know what I'm watching, if you read my previous post you'd realise I said Abrams Star Trek 'could' have worked if it wasn't for Into Darkness, so mentioning 'both films' is irrelevant. Into Darkness offered us nothing new, I learnt nothing new. That is my point. Apart from Kirk 'dying' of radiation rather than Spock, it was just ooh big explosion and ohh more CGI.

You tell me where the new story is?
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