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ENTER | TOS Avatar Contest #33: Mirror, Mirror

Last time in the Star Trek TOS Avatar Contest:
And the winners are...

"The Changeling"

TOS Theme:
"Intruder Alert"

Random Theme:

Congrabulations to scotpens, Praetor_Shinzon and JiNX-01!

Shinzon and JiNX since you tied in the TOS theme category, whichever one of you posts here first may choose the next TOS Theme.

JiNX you may choose the next random theme.

As soon as the new themes have been submitted we'll proceed with the next contest.

And a big thank you to everyone who entered and/or voted!
This weeks themes are:

Episode: Mirror, Mirror
After failing to persuade the Halkan Council to allow the Federation to mine dilithium crystals on their planet, Captain James T. Kirk, along with Chief Medical Officer Dr. McCoy, Chief Engineer Scott, and Communications Officer Uhura, begin to be transported back to the Enterprise,when an unexpected ion storm causes a transporter malfunction, and the landing team instead materialize aboard an unfamiliar Enterprise.

TOS Theme: Nurse Chapel
The nepotistically cast nurse with a damp spot for Mister Spock. (As chosen by Praetor_Shinzon)

Random Theme: Animals
Multicellular, eukaryotic organisms of the kingdom Animalia or Metazoa. (As chosen by JiNX-01)

Entries will be accepted for 10 days from the date of this post with the subsequent poll lasting 4 days. Anyone may enter.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and/or voted in the last contest.
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