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Re: Was TNG more Arc-Based Than We Thought?

DS9 pretty much did exactly what TNG did, just more broadly. Its being set in one place meant that secondary characters like Rom, Leeta and Kassidy Yates could span multiple episodes and have some degree of character progression attributed to them. But it wasn't really "story arc" television. It certainly was not serialization.

VOY on the other hand started out with a similar format but dropped it in Season Three. Contrary to popular opinion, there is a stronger sense of continuity in those first seasons (with recurring characters like Seska, Kazons, Vidiians, etc), but they dropped it and pretty much went all-episodic. Which in Voyager's case actually makes more sense, because the nature of their journey sees them constantly moving on, so naval-gazing continuity isn't really their bag.

The only Trek series that flirted with true Serialization was the third season of Enterprise IMO.
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