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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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All this talk of WB insisting Nolan use "Dark Knight" as part of the title for his third film, I'm curious. What did he want to name it?
No one knows. Nolan does talk about convincing WB not to use 3D for Dark Knight Rises, and he started talking about it ever since the title was first announced.

I can't remember where I read that stipulated WB insisted on Dark Knight being in the title, but I know Goyer talked about WB wanting Leonardo DiCaprio as The Riddler when he spoke to Empire Magazine shortly before the release of The Dark Knight Rises. I remember reading that article, and Goyer said WB wanted 3D and DiCaprio as Riddler. Nolan made it known early on he wasn't going for 3D or Riddler, and I believe that's when WB offered the compromise regarding the title.
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