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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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GUT is the acronym for Grand Unified Theory which I feel suits as an analogy for what many fans try to accomplish seeing (a GUT of Star Trek where all series and movies appear to take place in a masterplanned, coherent and continuous universe).
Ah, I see. Thank you, I appreciate the response.

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yenny wrote: View Post
These are the class and type of ships that were seen and mention on the small and large screen.
What small and large screens would these please be (except for the more obvious ones beginning at "17")?

Since yenny seems unwilling to answer your (perfectly reasonable) question, I'll see if I can take a stab at it for you.

1: Valiant type -> Presumably the Valiant mentioned in TOS: WNMHGB
2: Conestoga type -> ENT: Terra Nova
3: Emmette type -> This the the BtS name for the ship in the ENT credits after the Phoenix shot
4: Intrepid type -> ENT
5: Neptune class -> ENT (mentioned only)
6: Delta shape ship -> ENT
7: NX class -> ENT(This is the class of Enterprise herself)
8: Sarajevo type -> ENT: Daedalus
9: Daedalus class -> class mentioned in TNG: Power Play. Supposed to be the class of the Horizon model Sisko has in DS9
10: Antares type -> TOS: Charlie X (I'm guessing, there are a lot of ships named Antares...)
11: Soyuz class -> TNG: Cause and Effect
12: Oberth class -> I'm guessing that even though this is before #17, it still counts as one of the "obvious" ones...
13: Kelvin type -> ST09
14: Mayflower type -> ST09
15: Armstrong class -> ST09
16: Newton class -> ST09

Hope this helps.
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