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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

Shooting our 36 hour production, "Closing Time," at Trek Trax Atlanta, we had the following folks:

Sara Higgins Mackenzie (director, camera operator)
myself (director of photography, lighting, continuity, script supervisor, prop master)
Each person appearing did their own makeup, but Brian Holloway of Phase 2 did Eric Stillwell's (Korgoth the Bartender) abd the ladies from Reliant did their own Andorians.
We provided the costuming for the Starfleet regs who didn't have their own.
The actors did a great job of getting their own makeup and costuming in order.
We used the built-in microphone. (We will be rerecording some lines for the official release next year).
Mark Brennan provided pre-made VFX (which will be tweaked a little).
We used Tony Lunn's music from previous episodes (which will be replaced with an original score next year).
Rick Foxx provided the credits (only one error -- not bad at all!).

After the shoot, Sara edited the rough cut. I tweaked the sound as best as I could, and it came out fine.

For our latest studio shoot, things were a bit different. We had...

director/camera operator
lighting/director of photography
continuity/script supervisor
boom operator
production assistant (i.e. gofer)

Too many people underfoot is definitely not a good thing for a small production.
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