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Agent Richard07
Re: Movies Seen In 2013

144. Assault on Wall Street (✩✩✩✩) - Download - A man loses everything due to economic troubles and takes it upon himself to punish those at the top. Yes, it's very much like The Punisher. Stars Dominic Purcell. It's not considered a great movie, but it's pretty good as a guilty pleasure, hence the high score.

145. I Melt With You (✩✩) - Netflix - Four guys in their 40s go on holiday and party it up with drugs, booze and women. Then things start to go south when something bad happens. It has an all-star cast hat includes Thomas Jane, Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven and Carla Gugino, but it's not a very good film. Not only did it not hook me right away, but it decended further into weirdness and confusion. The setting was nice though… Shot and took place near Big Sur, California.

Theatre: 22
Blu-ray: 10
DVD: 21
Netflix: 5
Live TV: 17
Download: 67
YouTube: 3
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